LeaderQuest is a semester-long program that brings 25-30 sophomores and juniors together to share a passion in developing their leadership potential. LeaderQuest is designed to challenge participants to discover their true potential and critical thinking skills as it relates to their leadership in the University, home, career and community.

Leaderquest 1

We accomplish this through...

  • weekly meetings that explore various topics relating to leadership (Wednesday nights).
  • creating a sense of community among the participants to provide an environment safe to share positive and constructive feedback.
  • mentoring relationships that provide challenge and support as participants address various leadership and self-development issues.
  • integrating reflection into all aspects of the experience.
  • Participating in a community immersion project that positively impacts the broader community.

Past participants have said...

  • Throughout LQ and meetings with mentors, the more I came to believe I am a leader. Such awareness is important to give you confidence and competence in what you do. By saying I am a leader and I can lead, is another way of saying I have the power and competence to inspire people and I am confident in doing so.
  • After LQ, I can have conflict with civility. I can recognize when I am in the right and stick up for my self. I also learned each person has something unique to offer.
  • I have always been myself, but Leaderquest has put much more meaning behind these words. I know that I am capable of succeeding in anything that I put my mind to, and I have greater confidence in who I am. Through our group meetings, triads, and mentors, Leaderquest has also reminded me of the importance of maintaining personal relationships despite how busy I am.